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forsakens: (💫 ʟɪᴄᴋ)

Ichiru Kiryuu ( 錐生 壱縷 )

the sinful on

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Created on 2016-11-02 03:39:42 (#2558794), last updated 2016-11-24 (46 weeks ago)

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Name:錐生 壱縷 (kiryuu ichiru)
Birthdate:May 22
Ichiru Kiryuu
Already, every time when I’m stifled to death when I give up again and again
Name: Ichiru Kiryuu
Age: 17 (upon death)
Canon Point: Manga ch. 40 Death
Height: 181cm; 5'11"
Eye Colour: Lavender/Lilac
Hair Colour: Silver
Birthday: May 22 (Headcanon) | Gemini
Blood Type: A
Academically Good at: Humanities (but doesn't enjoy studying but he's an average student.)
Hobbies: Things concerning Zero. He's got a serious brother issues
Respects: Shizuka-sama
Family: Mother & Father (deceased/murdered by Hiou Shizuka) | Zero (older twin brother)
Canon: Vampire Knight
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